NeurOptimal® Session: What to Expect

To begin:

Your NeurOptimal® trainer, Carol will have you fill in a brief questionnaire describing your concerns and the changes you’d like to experience. Then, she will have you sit in a comfortable chair.

Next, she will attach two tiny sensors to your scalp and three clips on your ears using a water-soluble conductive paste to pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an electrocardiogram, the NeurOptimal equipment is simply reading this signal.

The paste is easily removed after the session. Nothing invasive is involved with the brain training process. NeurOptimal does not “push” the brain in any particular direction. The system merely cues your central nervous system to do what is naturally best for YOUR brain. Carol will record a baseline EEG reading and then set you up with some comfortable ear buds and make sure you are warm and comfortable.


Carol will start the 33-minute training that simply involves you listening to music and if desired watching visuals on a monitor. During the training you may or may not notice very brief pauses in the sound – they are often so quick you don’t consciously notice them.

The pauses correspond to moments of less fluid brain activity and serve as a cue to your brain. The precise timing of these interruptions gives your brain the information it needs to reorganize and function more optimally.

Clients tend to find these sessions very relaxing. You don’t have to do anything at all while all this is happening. It’s fine to close your eyes, relax and just let your brain do its job (some of the best brain training can happen while you’re napping.) Some people like to read during their sessions and if that helps you stay in one spot, fine – it’s likely you will find it easier to just turn off all stimulation as you continue sessions.

Once the music and training have finished, Carol will record another baseline and compare it with the earlier one. While this is not necessary, it can be informative for you to look at your brain activity at the beginning versus the end of your session as well as over time.

In the end it is always how you feel improvement in your life that counts most, you are the one who notices progress. And if you don’t notice much yourself, we find that asking a partner, work colleague or family member what they notice is usually a pleasant surprise.


Because NeurOptimal is non-intrusive and does not push the brain in any “direction” during training, it is highly unlikely you will feel any side effects following a session. Any noticeable shifts in your mood, awareness or energy level after brain training really depends on each individual and can vary from session to session.

The main point is that brain transformation with NeurOptimal happens according to your brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort required on your part.