How Does NeurOptimal® Work?

NeurOptimal® reads the electrical activity of your brain using five sensors connected to your ears and scalp – 256 times per second. It detects moment-to-moment changes, including those times when your central nervous system displays the turbulence that all systems in nature produce when shifting from one state to another. That shift might be a loss of focus, anxiety about past or future, hyper-vigilence or depression – whatever is going on for you.

When your brain activity shows signs of turbulence, the music within the NeurOptimal software is momentarily interrupted. The brain notices this subtle cue that brings it back to the present moment, away from the anxiety or negative thinking. It’s like holding a mirror up to the brain – your brain learns when it is stuck on repetitive thoughts or when it is jumping around inefficiently. With repeated training sessions, the brain learns to “reset” itself, to return to its baseline quickly and function more fluidly.

NeurOptimal brain training is like having a personal trainer or yoga instructor – the system points out and helps you correct your form as you train. Over time, NeurOptimal adjusts itself automatically in response to your brain’s activity, individualizing the training to your brain’s functioning. As you get better, the level of brain training increases automatically. With practice, your brain fitness naturally improves and you become more flexible and resilient.