Brain Training Technologies

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an EEG Biofeedback system that works with your central nervous system to bring it to its highest level of emotional and cognitive functioning.

ONE BRAIN® Specialized Kinesiology utilizes muscle testing to gain insight into your individual experiences and to identify specific brain-body balancing techniques to help reduce stress and improve performance.

These Brain Training technologies can help you with specific cognitive, emotional, or physical challenges (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, depression, sleep issues) as well as enhance personal growth (resilience, confidence, passion) and help you achieve an artistic or athletic performance edge (motivation, productivity, getting in the “zone”).

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal®focuses on the central nervous system (CNS) with the goal of calming the CNS so that it works more effectively and efficiently. As the CNS calms, symptoms and issues related to a wide variety of conditions start to fade.

NeurOptimal monitors your brain waves via EEG technology and gives your brain feedback when it is not operating efficiently. This feedback helps your brain to re-organize and normalize itself. By working with your brain at its own pace and in the order that is right for you, NeurOptimal is free of side effects and has been proven to have long-term benefits.

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ONE BRAIN® Kinesiology

ONE BRAIN® Kinesiology uses specialized kinesiology and a specific protocol of muscle testing to access the body’s innate wisdom and ability to self-heal. This process can help bring issues to consciousness and at the same time it can release stress and knee-jerk modes of behaviour resulting from these issues. Safe and respectful, the muscle testing protocol guarantees that you will be involved and in charge throughout the session. It is as gentle as it is freeing.

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