NeurOptimal®: FAQ

Here are some of the concerns that people bring
to NeurOptimal Brain Training:

  • To reduce their knee-jerk reactions to life’s daily stresses
  • To boost their academic performance, ability to focus
  • To lessen their emotional reactivity and/or impulsive behaviors
  • To augment their cognitive dexterity as they age
  • To enhance their personal growth and/or self-confidence
  • To decrease their destructive rumination, depression, anxiety
  • To improve their sleep and the ability to relax their mind and body
  • To address the effects of chronic or debilitating pain
  • To ease their recovery from substance abuse
  • To achieve their optimal creative and/or athletic performance
  • To alleviate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The fee is $90 per session. NeurOptimal Brain Training sessions take approximately 50 minutes and we suggest training once or twice a week. A discounted fee is available for booking a series of sessions.
Some people can expect to notice changes by ten sessions, while others achieve their goals by 20 to 30 sessions. Even before ten sessions, many clients report feeling calmer and better rested, having a more positive outlook, and being able to engage more effectively with colleagues or loved ones, and more. These types of changes are evidence that your central nervous system is responding to the information it is receiving. You can stop training whenever you feel ready and simply return for tune-up sessions as required. Some clients continue training on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to great effect. The frequency of tune-ups depends on how stressful of a life you are living.

The more training you do, the more ingrained the positive results will be. Just like learning a new language or a physical skill like skiing, the more sessions you have, the stronger the skill development. And training with NeurOptimal is actually a learning task – you get results because your brain is actively learning, even if the learning is not conscious. In the same way that once you learn how to read, you can’t unlearn it, your brain doesn’t forget what it learns through NeurOptimal. However, your brain is living tissue and it can get thrown off course by trauma, anesthetic, unhealthy lifestyle, or just the accumulative stresses of daily life. Fortunately a previously trained brain quickly responds to NeurOptimal tune-ups and recovers optimal flow and functioning.

Children of any age are good candidates for NeurOptimal brain training. We see wonderful results for improving focus and attention, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and eliminating behavioral issues. We can work with a child or adolescent as long as they can relax or be still for the time it takes to run a session and they can listen to the music that is part of the training program. If it helps someone to stay in one position for their session they can use their own devices to watch a movie or play a game, or they can read a book or draw.